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Williams Metal Fabrication & Engineering Services

J&H Williams design and manufacture high quality metal products for various industries including Agriculture, Construction, Defence, Mining, Hydro, Rail, Dust and Fume Control, Shipbuilding, and a lot of other general industry needs. We provide services like sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, turret punching, welding, brake press, HVAC and metal bending.

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Metal Fabrication

Williams is a world-class sheet metal fabrication company that delivers unsurpassed quality, high value and on-time performance you can count on.

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Design Optimization & Engineering

We design and engineer metal products for a wide ranger of industries and we can optimize your design for maximum production efficiency and cost savings.

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ISO 9001:2008

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We only use state of the art equipment, a highly skilled team of innovative and dedicated craftsmen, and follow the strict worldwide standards and best practices to ensure our customers of top quality metal products and services.

People, Passion, Perseverance, Profits

At J&H Williams, we have a clear philosophy and purpose, which permeates everything we do, and why we do it.

  • PEOPLE:  Everything we do at Williams is about serving people - to improve their lives and to help them thrive. And we mean everyone whose lives we affect - our staff, our suppliers, our customers, and our local, national and international communities. At the end of the day, people are the core reason we do what we do. Staff, friends, business associates, family … always treat them with dignity, a smile and respect. This includes, among other things, encouraging and recognizing excellence in our employees and our business partners, such as awards, financial incentives or similar. It also includes creating an environment where employees can learn and grow and have a sense of purpose and a future at J&H Williams.
  • PASSION:  We are passionate about everything we do at J&H Williams. We love working together and with others to achieve a common goal. We relish creativity, innovation, technology and problem solving. We covet a good challenge. And we thrive on helping people, industry, and the community at large.
  • PERSEVERANCE - we are unrelenting and we keep on working to achieve our goals, improve our knowledge, find new and innovative ways to achieve better and better products, learning how we can improve our customer service and our processes throughout our organization. We have persevered for over six decades and we’ll stay the course.
  • PROFITS – We aim to create profits to allow us to keep investing in and growing our business and expanding our positive effect on the people and communities we serve and those who serve us.

Our Portfolio


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